The Colourbox “Lighting Toolkit” contains a collection of classic and innovative designs to fit seamlessly into the finest projects. Harnessing the latest LED technology, our high CRI LEDs ensure that fabrics, art and surface materials are illuminated so that their natural colours and textures are real and apparent. Colourbox products are continually tested to ensure seamless integration with all major dimming systems including new wireless technology so you can be sure your project will proceed without a hitch.

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The original British downlighter


Apollo Base

Apollo Recess Fixed

Apollo Recess Tilt 

Apollo Plaster-in

Apollo Plaster-in Base

Apollo Plaster-in Fixed

Apollo Plaster-in Tilt

Apollo Plaster-in Twin

Apollo Plaster-in Base Twin 

Apollo Plaster-in Fixed Twin

Apollo Plaster-in Tilt Twin

Apollo Trimless

Apollo Trimless Base

Apollo Trimless Fixed

Apollo Trimless Tilt 

Apollo Trimless Twin

Apollo Trimless Base Twin 

Apollo Trimless Fixed Twin

Apollo Trimless Tilt Twin

Apollo Square Tilt

Apollo Square Tilt

Shape & Proportion


Cubitt Base

Cubitt Recess Fixed

Cubitt Recess Tilt 

Cubitt Twin

Cubitt Twin Base

Cubitt Twin Recess Fixed

Cubitt Twin Recess Tilt 

Cubitt Trimless

Cubitt Trimless Base

Cubitt Trimless Fixed

Cubitt Trimless Tilt

Cubitt Trimless Twin

Cubitt Twin Trimless

Cubitt Twin Trimless Fixed

Cubitt Twin Trimless Tilt 

Blend with the surface


Delta Base

Delta Recess Fixed

Delta Recess Tilt

Delta Trimless

Delta Trimless Base

Delta Trimless Fixed

Delta Trimless Tilt

Delta Trimless Twin

Delta Twin Trimless Base

Delta Twin Trimless Fixed

Delta Twin Trimless Tilt